The HarmoNIA partnership has set up a series of online workshops in order to communicate to the highest extent possible with related stakeholders. On 15/05/2020 the partnership met with key stakeholders. Georg Hanke and Victoria Tornero expert scientists at the European Joint Research Center  (JRC); Malik Smaoui Officer at the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea (REMPEC),  Jelena Knezevic Officer at the United Nations Environment / Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEN/MAP) and Julie Auerbach from the EMODnet Secretariat were there. HarmoNIA’s outcomes and results were presented to the stakeholders, while a fruitful exchange of ideas followed, on the way forward after the project’s end and beyond the ADRION scale.

The importance of sharing data, information and best practices has never been more evident than today. The ADRION Project HarmoNIA has dedicate efforts, at Adriatic – Ionian scale, to:

  • share data
  • Information
  • best practices

for monitoring, assessing and managing pollutants in the marine environment.

Here are some highlights from the meeting:

‘..most problems are the same for all countries, also beyond the ADRION area, so interactions should be kept and I would like to see how the outputs of HarmoNIA can really be used for helping in the implementation of the European Directives.’ Victoria Tornero, JRC expert scientist

‘Thanks to the project and the participants for the interaction and synergies we had using existing data; this was an added value.’  Alessandra Giorgetti, EMODnet Chemistry

‘I would suggest to have a link between the HarmoNIA and MedGIS-MAR geo portals.’  Malik Smaoui, REMPEC Officer

‘…the science and policy dialogue should be strengthened with the help of all parts.’ Marina Lipizer, HarmoNIA Coordinator