Based on the comparison of procedures adopted by institutions in charge of monitoring the marine environment in 6 countries of the ADRION Region and taking into consideration the requirements of the EU legislation and the decisions adopted by Barcelona Convention (UNEP-MAP) and OSPAR, HarmoNIA provides methodological proposals for harmonized monitoring and data Quality Control of marine contaminants (Part I), for harmonized Environmental Impact Assessment of offshore platforms (Part II) and for monitoring and decommissioning procedures (Part III).


HarmoNIA methodological proposals.
Part I: Harmonizing monitoring of marine
contaminants and sharing data Quality
Control procedures

HarmoNIA methodological proposals.
Part II: Harmonizing Environmental Impact Assessment
(EIA) procedure of offshore platform installation and
produced formation water (PFW) discharge

HarmoNIA methodological proposals.
Part III: Harmonizing monitoring and decommissioning
procedures of offshore platforms