HarmoNIA was presented as an example of successful transnational cooperation in the framework of sharing data for Marine Environmental management, during the workshop “Action plan to establish National Platform for Marine Environment Management”. HarmoNIA, together with Interreg ADRION PORTODIMARE, lead be Emilia Romagna Region, were illustrated within the larger framework of the Interreg Med project SHAREMED, which focusses on the governance challenges to propose cooperative frameworks to enhance observing capabilities, share data, information, resources and infrastructures towards a joint assessment of environmental threats.

The need of sharing data and information and of consolidating synergies and collaboration at several levels (scientific – management authorities – end users) for a more efficient marine environmental management, to avoid effort duplication and to guarantee long term durability were, once again, highlighted.

The event was organized on October 5, 2021, by the Institute for Water and by the Ministry of the Environmental and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia and was hosted at the National Institute of Biology, Marine Biological Station of Piran.