Please find below the presentations given at the meeting of the “Transnational Network of Institutions sharing expertise and information towards harmonization of monitoring of contaminants in the marine environment, data management and visualization”:

Marina Lipizer – OGS, Italy “Welcome, Network scope and purpose of the meeting

Giordano Giorgi – ISPRA, Italy “Harmonizing monitoring of marine contaminants: towards a shared strategy at ADRION level

Danijela Šuković – CETI, Montenegro “Status and Challenges of Contaminant Research in the Marine Ecosystem of Montenegro

Marina Lipizer – OGS, Italy – Damir Ivanković – IOF, Croatia “Assessing the status of our common seas: how to find and “see” data of contaminants for the Adriatic and Ionian Region”

Jelena Knezevic – UNEP/MAP Experience of UNEP/MAP in using EMODnet data for upgrade of the assessment criteria related to IMAP Pollution Cluster initial reflections”

Arthur Pasquale – INFO-RAC “IMAP Info System: towards a harmonization process in monitoring data reporting under Barcelona Convention”

Damir Ivanković – IOF, Croatia “Evaluation of coastal vulnerability to marine pollution dispersion on HarmoNIA Geoportal”


The meeting synthesis and next steps are available here. Keep following us!